Chatter C iconAbout Chatter

What is Chatter and what can I use it for?

Chatter is a collaboration application that helps you connect with coworkers and share business information securely and in real time.
  • Update your profile so that your coworkers can identify you and learn more about you.
  • Post status updates so that coworkers know what you're working on.
  • Create groups to manage projects that involve certain people. You can then upload files to the group that are relevant to only group members.

Is Chatter secure?

Only other users in your organization can see the people, profiles, posts, and groups in Chatter. Each person that signs up must have a valid email address with your company's domain.

Can I access Chatter without a browser?

Yes. Chatter Desktop is a free desktop application that lets you collaborate in Chatter without a browser. Use Chatter Desktop to post and comment in Chatter, and receive updates about your groups and the people and files you follow. Chatter Desktop also supports chat, private Chatter messages, and displays Chatter updates and private messages as popup notifications in your Windows taskbar or Mac OS X Dock. For more information, see Chatter Desktop.

What limits exist in Chatter?

Chatter includes limits on:
Feature Limit
People, topics, and files you can follow 500
Groups you can join 300
Groups in your organization 30,000
Mentions in a single post or comment 25
Favorites 50
Topics on a single post 10
Additionally, Chatter limits:
  • The number of posts and comments stored on the Salesforce servers
  • The length of time posts and comments are stored on the Salesforce servers
  • The number of posts and comments an organization can make per day
  • The number of email notifications that can be sent per organization per hour

What browsers does Chatter support?

Chatter supports the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome™, most recent stable version
  • Mozilla® Firefox®, most recent stable version
  • Windows® Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, and 9
  • Apple® Safari® versions 5.x, 6.x and 7.x on Mac OS X


For all browsers, you must enable JavaScript, cookies, and TLS 1.2. If TLS 1.2 isn’t available, enable TLS 1.1. Browsers that don’t support TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 won’t be able to access Salesforce after we deactivate TLS 1.0. Deactivation has already occurred in sandbox orgs and concludes with production orgs on March 4, 2017.The minimum screen resolution required to support all Salesforce features is 1024 x 768.